Sarah Sanders

Trump has been getting a lot of stick since Wednesday as he had a confrontation with Jim Acosta and the twitter was all over it. With the press pass of the chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, was revoked, the press secretary of the office Sarah Huckabee Sanders came out on twitter when a video, documented to justify the decision made by the office.

Instead of taking the video as an explanation to why the pass was revoked, which show chopping far more aggressively than what appeared to be the case, twitter went even more furious on the administration. Many experts state that the video is documented by Infowars which can’t be taken as a reliable source and they have spread it a little more than what happened to be the case.

A user, who labelled himself as a video editor, helped in breaking the clip in pieces along with the original video. It showed clearly that the point individuals were trying to make about wrongly spreading of content in Infowars video was appropriate.

Considering the response, there is certainly a huge stick given to the authorities, with some calling for the resignation of the press secretary Sarah Huckabee. Others are even more serious into the matter, stating that legal actions should be taken on what happened in the White House.

While individuals were furious about the way Trump reacted, and how the office revoked the pass of a journalist, Jim received a lot of support from people all across the country. He also took the social handle to thank individuals for their support, saying that the way White House is presenting it and the lies coming from there are unbelievable.

The matter started when Trump was asked a few hard questions from Jim on Tuesday. He asked why the immigrants coming from Central America are seen as ‘invasion’ and were used in the party campaign ads along with Russian interference and the argument got heat. Responding to it, when Sarah Huckabee tried to take the microphone away, Acosta denied Trump came up with the comments, labelling Jim ‘rude, terrible person’ as the event was documented to show if the journalist was trying to scare the official off.

A CNN also came up with posts on their website, saying that the press corp should deny coverage to such a person, who runs his presidency as if he is in a reality show, and leave him over to the social sites.


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