SAS sniper Killed Major ISIS Commander

In a shot that has been enlisted as one of the greatest ever long range shots in the history of sniper shooting, it is reported that an ISIS boss was shot by a SAS sniper from nearly a mile and a half away from the target. And if this is not fascinating you, even more astonishing piece is that he did it with a 40 years old gun.

The shooter is a sergeant and a veteran who had been fighting in Iraq and Syria. He hit the target in his chest as the team tracked him in Afghanistan. The individual shot by the sniper was stated to be on the kill list of UK and USA and he died at the spot in that miraculous event.

The .50 calibre machine gun which is as much as 40 years old was used by the sniper. It has been disarmed and is ready to be taken back to the SAS headquarters near Hereford where it will be kept as a memento and will mark the takedown of ISIS commander for coming years.

The SAS team was sitting back and planning the next move in their vehicles when the commander was spotted. In all the weapons that team had in their hands, it was decided that the .50 Cal Browning which was mounted on the top of a vehicle would be used as it seemed the best one to take down the target from such a long distance. Once the senior officer gave permission to use it, the sniper, who is not named yet, took his chance and hit the target.

According to the sources, the .50 cal, despite being 40 years old, is an incredible piece that is highly accurate and has a great long distance shooting repo. The gun can be fired on the single shot mode too.

The sniper made a few adjustments before using it. He set up the special sight to the gun along with a spotter to take wind speed into the account. The other factors which he considered were the heat and light speed because the target appeared to be watery due to the heat that was being emitted on the ground.

It is assumed that the commander was giving briefing to them on a mission as he was standing in front of his men and giving them a speech. The stunning shot hit him in the chest and he flew into the air and into several pieces.

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