Save Yourself from Choking with This Trick

Life-Saving Trick to Save Yourself If You is choking with No One Around to Help

What about imagining yourself with the agonizing pain being faced by your body when it is getting deprived of the oxygen, this really becomes a serious matter. The obstruction which an airway passage might have even could be partial which ultimately can lead to death and asphyxia in some of the conditions and this is why chocking is considered to be one of the most severe and a common cause that causes unintentional death related injuries. The elderly aged and the children are most of the times prone to chocking.

According to a statistics, in 2015, there were total 5,051 deaths because of chocking and out of this amount, 2,848 people were of age more than 74.  So the point here is what to do when you are chocking. People who are lucky may find someone nearby who can do the Heimlich maneuver. The first aid rescue which is required in this state requires the rescuer to stand behind the patient and then he has to use his hands so that he could thrust the pressure on the diaphragm of the patient to dislodge the troubling object and to expel it.

But if you are alone, then there is a remedy which you can try by your own to save your life following a simple trick. Jeff rehman is a firefighter paramedic and for the last 22 years he is serving as a life-support instructor as well as a CPR instructor too. Rehman in the video which is made to guide people said that he had noted in the previous years where there was no effective way or medium for the people to help them in getting rescued by chocking and there was no one to help them as well. So they have come up with an idea and a remedy that certainly would work.

The technique that has been displayed by Rehman is something which his time as a boxer had got him to inspire. He shared in the video that this maneuver which people will see now is something that has came from his years of effort for the time he was a boxer back in the 80s.  Rehman continued saying that it was something which his coach had taught him so that his abdominal muscles could be toughen up. He figured out that there would be something better to be used for that so he applied his years being a paramedic.



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