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Welcome to the afterlife… for a few seconds! Scientists discover the brain still functions once your heart stops meaning you will KNOW you are dead

It has recently been discovered by the scientists that the human brain still functions once after they are dead. According to the experts, the patient when died would still know about what is happening to him that means his conscious would be in the situation to work. The scientists according to their recent study suggest that the dead people would have their souls trapped in their body along with their functioning minds for a specified period of time.

The new study which has just been done has revealed that the heart patients who suffered from a heart attack if announced to be clinically dead before they were able to get back to life were aware of what was going around them and that they could describe about the happenings around them once after their hearts have stopped beating. There are also some studies which suggest that the dead person also listens by themselves to it when the doctor calls him to be dead.

Dr. Sam and his team who belong to New York have been working over this research on the patients having cardiac arrests. According to his statement, people who experience this after death scenario, change once they are brought back to life and then they become good to the mankind.

Dr. Parnia said that when a person is rescued from death unlike movies they don’t return to life with any magical enhancement of their memories.

In an interview with LiveScience, Dr. Parnia said that they’ll further able to elaborate how the nurses and doctors are working, they’ll be able to describe the full conversations that will be being done in their consciousness and also for visual things too that were going around them. That’s actually a time when the patient is declared to be dead and it would completely be based on the moment when his heart stops beating. This is the same like a person is actually dead. It has been pronounced by the doctors so lately that the person is dead when his heart stops beating and his brain also stops functioning instantly when his heart stops working and he is claimed to be dead. It was claimed by him that the cerebral cortex of the brain is known as the thinking part of the brain and it could get slowed down and become flat but that doesn’t mean the brain cells stop working and they work continuously for hours even after the heart stops working.


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