Scott Wilson who was a veteran actor had more than 50 movie credits but he is famous for his recently played role of Hershel Greene in The Walking Dead has just died. Domini Mancini, Scott’s rep told that Scott had died from the severe leukemia. According the Mancini statement, Wilson was a national treasure, he had a gentle soul and calm voice to everyone who knew him and who talked to him. He said that he passed away in LA in his home. The news of his death was announced by TWD show runner Angela Kang at the show panel in New York Comic in which Scott with the other stars Jon Bernthal and Martin- Green would be returning for the ninth season which would soon be coming. It premieres on Sunday.

The Hollywood career of Wilson started in the year 1967 and there he played the role in a famous classic film naming In the Heat of the Night. He became the star when he did a movie In Cold Blood and he also appeared in some other famous movies like Dead Man Walking and The Great Gatsby. Scott also earned the golden globe nom for playing the role of capt billy, a supporting actor in the film produced in year 1980, The Ninth Configuration. In more previous years, Wilson became a star by being a part of the movie Pearl Harbor and he had played the role on CSI and he also played the Hershel’s role which was the most liked and appraised by the people. On the show, Hershel’s death is considered to be the most heart-breaking and shocking news for the viewers. Scott at the time of his death was of age 76. 

The walking Dead

The ‘’walking dead’’ is a horror television drama which is America based and it has been developed by Frank Darabont. It is based on Robert Kirkman’s, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard’s Comic based series. The series stars are Andrew Lincoln who played the role of a police officer naming Rick Grimes. He in this top famous movie sets out on a mission to search for his family and also about the encounters and the survivors too. The series’ title also reflects the survivors and not about the actual zombies but it could be used for understanding the zombies and the survivors too.






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