The Senate Democrats are searching for the new allegation about the sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh. The dates for the claim were in between 1983-9184, and this was the academic school year, and during this time span, Kavanaugh was at Yale University. More than four of the Democratic senators have heard this news about the allegation and two among those four have started doing an investigation about this allegation information. The senior staffers of the Republican also heard about this allegation in the past week they showed their concern about the impact of this allegation on the position of Kanavaugh’s Nomination.

The officers who are reviewing the claims are of the view that they will move on to further investigation. Mazie Hirono, the Senator of Hawai, said that this is a severe and credible allegation against Kavanaugh and it should be investigated thoroughly. Another officer onto this project noted that these allegations seem to be very serious and they are taking action upon these allegations. And if these allegations are proved to be wrong, they would be directly disqualified.

Deborah Ramirez is the woman who are the centre of this story, and now she is of fifty-three years of age, and she was the fellow of Kavanaugh at Yale, and she studied psychology and sociology there. After completing the study, she worked for a welfare organisation in support of victims of domestic violence. When she was contacted and was asked about the possible involvement of Kavanaugh in that incident, Ramirez didn’t answer well as she was hesitant to speak publically and the sudden media attention was unwelcomed. The other reason was that she had been drinking for a long time and she had some gaps in her memory. In the initial conversation, she was failed to highlight the role of Kavanaugh in that incident, but after six days of thinking, she said that she remembers that Kavanaugh at the party thrust his penis in her face and all this he did was without her consent. Ramirez has now involved F.B.I in making further investigation.

 Kavanaugh stated this allegation, and he wrote that this allegation had been market about the 35 years old event which never happened and he said that the people who know him know that he has not done this. According to Kavanaugh’s statement, this is just a false allegation, and he will be testifying for the truth on Thursday, and he will save his image against that last moment false accusation.


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