Serena Williams in cat suit

Serena Williams looked amazing without wearing her catsuit which was banned. She proved it to everyone that she’ll look amazing whatever she wears. She proved that she doesn’t need her catsuit to look fantastic in the court. She was banned from wearing catsuit in the game. It would be safer to say that women nowadays look amazing in almost every dress code they follow. These dress codes are basically there to police their bodies. Hence women in 2018 are futile and sexiest as well and Serena William agrees upon this statement.

Serena Williams was banned to wear catsuit in the future French opens. This ban is because of the fitting form of the catsuit. Serena Williams is a famous tennis star and she was banned to wear catsuit for the French opens in court but she proved that she is amazing and she doesn’t require her catsuit to look attractive. She wore a specially designed black tutu on the opening and she looked stunning. That black tutu was designed by the collaboration of famous designers Nike and Virgil Abloh. Serena looked fresh and stunning as she always is.

William played some months ago in French open. The tournament was held in May and she has won that tournament thrice. On that opening, she was wearing a panther inspired black bodysuit and she was looking hell sexy in that dress. But because of the tight form of the dress, it was considered to be too much to be worn on an event like that. Some official didn’t find it to be suitable and they introduced a new dress code by banning the catsuit outfit. They banned the outfit as they thought that this dress would harm the respect of the game and the court. The officials were of the view that the outfit of this kind could be difficult for some men to handle and something comfortable should be worn in the court that can provide Serena with complete emotions and she can play the game well.

Serena William used to wear that catsuit not only to look amazing but a few months back she had an embolism while she was giving birth to a baby girl.

That tight formed catsuit helped her to prevent blood clots. But this doesn’t make any sense to put the woman’s life in danger but not allowing her to wear something just because it showcases her real body shape.


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