Seth Owen’s life took a huge turn when one day suddenly his dad decided to check his phone while he was writing a paper. Though there was nothing inappropriate he saw in the picture he took out but, it definitely proved that he was gay. That was when his Southern Baptist parents decided to send him to a Christian counselor.

Seth Owen felt like it was a conversion camp that brainwashed people and made them forget who they really are, or who they want to be in the future. Somehow he convinced his parents to make him quit his therapy sessions but they agreed on only on one condition which was if he moves out of their house and this was exactly what he did.

He explained the situation saying, “I started bringing up my disagreements with the church that they attend. I mean, there was just incident after incident,”. “They talked very negatively about the LGBTQ+ community. They said that gay people would not serve in the church. Then they were talking about transgender people as though they weren’t human, and that really, really bothered me.” Before that, he also tried to convince his parents to shift him to a different church that had more realistic and less harsher views so that it did not bother him but they did not like his idea.

After being rejected by his parents, when one day he was laying on his friend’s couch thinking of everything negative he was going through those days, he got his financial package and tuition fee total from the Georgetown University. He was devastated at that time and could not think of a way he could pursue his life goal when his parents had abandoned him.

At this time his biology teacher named Martin became his mentor and started to raise money from a fundraising page on GoFundMe to  be able to pay Seth Owen’s tuition fee. She set a goal of $20,000.

“I know the goal seems unrealistic and the circumstances aren’t ideal, but I also know communities can make the impossible possible,” Martin wrote with hope in her GoFundMe plea.

But a miracle was awaiting for them. They reached $50,000.

“After we had hit $2,000, Seth was just like, ‘I’m so surprised that people, like, actually care about me,’” Martin recalled.

Seth Owen now has a goal of helping other people who are going through something like he did.

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