Seven Years old Girl Who Died

Seven-year-old girl who died at border did not receive medical care for 90 minutes

The death of a seven year old girl jakelin caal has raised a question on the border patrol’s security procedures and the administration policy on Trump for delaying the migrants at the legal ports of entry.

A seven year old Guatemalan girl had died in the custody of the US border and customs protection has waited an hour and half before she could receive emergency medical care after she started to show the symptoms.

Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin, he is the person whom name has been confirmed by the Guatemalan Embassy and CBP this Friday afternoon and was apprehended with her father while they were illegally crossing the border and entering into the New Mexico with their family and there were 160 migrants more.

The medical personal wasn’t also staffed in the remote area where they got caught which according to the officials is known as Antelope Wells.

Before the group had left Antelope wells by the bus to be transferred to the border station where the Jakelin’s father had reported that she was ill and vomiting and that time she had arrived the border station an hour an half later to that when she wasn’t breathing. She was revived by twice by the emergency workers and then was transported by air into the hospital in Texas, El Paso where she had died because of a cardiac arrest by being on the side of her father.

At the time of her death, Jakeline was seriously dehydrated however the officials in their statements say that the migrants were granted with the access to water at the Antelope wells. The spokesperson to the department of the homeland security also made a statement in which he said that unluckily despite of all those efforts which they had done seriously to provide all the medical treatment to the girl, they were unable to stop this tragedy from happening.

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