Shadow hunters final season gets February premiere date

Now this is finally the time for the fans and the followers to say goodbye because it has now been officially announced that the second half and the third and the fourth season for the shadow hunters would be on the premier on 25th February on Monday and that it would be followed by Jace, Clary and some more who would be in the order for the protection of the mundane from the evil which is in the shadow world. It was cancelled in the June at first but later on it became the live story. There are only 12 episodes of the series which are remaining and they would also include the previous two finales that have not been forecasted yet and it would be allowing the writers to grant the proper ending to this amazing show.

Announcement regarding Shadow hunters 

Freedom when announced regarding the cancellation of the show gave a statement in which he said that they are very much proud of shadow hunters which are the series for the broke new ground in the world and it really became hit and famous for its fans. He said that somehow along with the partnerships at the contantin they have reached at a very tough decision and that is not to grant the renewal to the fourth season of the show. He said that there are a lot of fans and supporters of the show and just because of this, freedom has been insisted on and became the filming champion as the two-part finale which would be giving the devotion from the fans to have a proper ending of the show.

Episodes of Shadow hunters 

The twelve episodes of the show which are still left to be forecasted would be then showcased on the spring of year 2019. He paid a special thanks and gratitude to the casts, producers and crew and also the colleagues who are at contantin who really have worked a lot and have paid their best dedication to the tasks. He called his team to be talented and hardworking. He said thanks to the cassie clare for the incredible book series they had. He said that they have been looking forward to the final chapter of the drama so that it could have a proper ending. This season is going to be end in a short time just after the twelve remaining episodes have been showcased.


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