shark bites fisherman in Florida

As reported by Daytona Beach News-Journal, a lemon shark attacked a fisherman on Monday, at Ponce Inlet at Lighthouse Point Park, in Florida.

Florida. 31st. May, 2018: According to Tamara Malphurs, Volusia Country Beach Safety and Ocean Rescue Capt., the lemon shark was 3 foot long and bit the fisherman on his foot right after being released. As soon as the fisherman released it, the lemon shark rapidly turned around and bit him on the foot. Assumptions are that the shark did not appreciate being caught at all and bit the fisherman as a sign of anger and revenge. The Mount Dora fisherman was a 52-year old male. He suffered non-serious injuries, especially on his foot, but luckily enough for him, he did not need to be hospitalized.

Malphurs added that the lemon shark did not do any more harm and left the “crime scene” quickly after satisfying his need for revenge. He then went back to the water, into the Atlantic Ocean.

Lemon sharks generally have a height of 8 to 10 feet. However, the University of Florida considers that these creatures do not pose any serious threat to human life. In fact, lemon sharks are rather social creatures that enjoy living in groups. They also feed themselves during the night and are thus not as dangerous as other sharks, for instance.

What everyone needs to be careful about, however, is the fact that they are relatively revengeful and may instinctively and instantly rush into biting the person who catches them, or whenever they feel threatened by any human being, reports Discovery.

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