A single energy drink can enhance heart attack and stroke risk


According to a recent study, it has been concluded that when you consume a single energy drink, the risk of heart attack and store increases in 90 minutes. Researchers suggest that it narrows down the blood vessels and hinders the blood flow to critical organs of a human body which can increase the exposure to both issues.

While a link has already been found regarding stomach problems and energy drinks, along with issues that one can possibly face with nerves and hearts upon their consumption, the latest findings coming from the University of Texas in Houston are critical as they are the first ones to link these drinks to heart attacks and strokes.

44 individuals were studied, from the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, and all of them were in their twenties. They were inspected for any health issues and were labelled as non-smokers and totally healthy.

In the study, the focus was on endothelial which is a layer of cells which line the surface of blood vessels. The energy drinks have a negative impact on it which leads to the arteries not being able to dilate completely, leading to heart attacks.

Also, the endothelial function came under the test too as they were made to drink 24 ounces of energy drink. The tests were conducted before the intake of liquid and 90 minutes after it had been consumed. Ultimately, the conclusion suggested that the diameter of blood vessels, on average, has reduced by as much as about half!

According to the words of Dr. John Higging, who serve at the McGovern School on the position of professor of medicine, “As energy drinks are becoming more and more popular, it is important to study the effects of these drinks on those who frequently drink them and better determine what, if any, is a safe consumption pattern.”

There have been other experiments in the past about how energy drinks can affect the health of young people. Apart from the ones reported above, the negative impacts include the vomiting, chest pains, and even seizures.

Professor David Hammond, who is the lead author of the research, stated that “Most risk assessments to date have used coffee as a reference for estimating the health effects of energy drinks, however, it is clear these products pose a greater health risk.”


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