pregnant six nurses

Pregnancy is something that happens to be pretty trending at a hospital in Mesa, Arizona, where 16 nurses are going through different phases of pregnancy at the same time.

The nursing staff in the ICU, 10%, along with the patients, started to notice that the pregnancy rate is getting pretty high.

At a news conference, one lady joked by saying that check if something is in the water, or maybe it is the joint plan of the staff for coming Christmas holidays.

The first birth in the group of nurses is expected to be in September while the last few have a due date of January.

Rochelle Sherman, who is just a month away from giving birth, stated that they didn’t realized how many nurses were pregnant until they all started a group on Facebook. It seems like a sort of pact is going on among them.

Her fellow, Jolene Garrow, was thankful as she stated that these nurses are doing things that pregnant women can’t do such as dealing with contagious illnesses including T.B. and shingles while some of them are actually dealing with cancer patients.

A joint baby shower will be thrown by the staff for all the nurses that are expecting which will be next week, before they start taking their 12 week of maternity leave.

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