smartphones and children

USA. 2nd. June,2018: According to APP pediatrician DR. David Hill, it may not be phone addiction if the kid is getting all other things in life done correctly. But on the other hand addiction for a smartphone is true and is defined under Problematic Internet Use (PIU). PIU is, however, not as prevalent as it is claimed. It as low as only 8%.

This shows that if it is not addiction then most probably childhood of kids is being altered.

Collen Hartz, mother of a 19 year old daughter complained while telling the Healthline that she spends most of her day using her smartphone. From scheduling her day, entertaining from music to connecting with friends, she keeps gazing on her smartphone. This is not all. It is not this teenager who is suffering from excessive use of smartphone. A research studied published in Common Sense Media reveals that 59 percent of parents feel that their children, specially teenagers are addicted to smart phone.

However, the situation may seem bad as an addiction too but there is a likelihood that the situation is just an overstatement and an exaggeration.



In a journal of Child Development, a study shows that increased use of smartphones over the time have certainly slowed down the personality development of children. This because children do not interact with the real world and gain real experiences. There most of the connections are made on a click of smartphone which decreases the chance of maturing and taking responsibility. Many have noticed, that even in public their kids spend time on screen more than interacting with others.

John Mopper is an adolescent therapist with Blueprint Mental Health in New Jersey. He related this love for smartphones with the release of exciting hormones called ” dopamine”. So whenever there is a notification, the release of dopamine makes you excited about it. Due to the pleasurable feel of receiving a notification due to the notification, make you look at your phone more and more just to seek that hit of dopamine. Unfortunately, the long-term seeking of this pleasure has some really bad results as well. According to a study, in 2017 in Clinical Psychological Science journal, it is shown that it can lead to severe depressions and has resulted in an increased rate of depression.

Internet paired with smartphones, can be a little too tempting and cause serious changes in a childhood of your child. If a balance is not kept, results can be alarming.


Sometimes it is possible that it is not the children, but the parents who are excessively using phones. This parental excess usage of phones can lead to many other problems such as ignoring children. Also, parents may not pay attention to teacher’s complain that their kids are using smartphones more than required.


The therapists and doctors believe that it is necessary to include kids in a discussion about limiting the use of smartphones. More healthy and family activities should be carried so kids interact more with friends and family face to face.

Also, it is suggested that children should be introduced to such devices only when it is really needed. If there is no dire need for such devices in lives of your child, then It should be avoided.

And if patents are using it excessively, then they should take a step and connect with their children.

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