Snoop Dogg Calls Out Kanye for Twitter Rant Against Drake

Taylor swift, kayne west has now moved on to a new celebrity feud with Drake and it is all heating up now as none other than snoop dog has got himself involved into it.  There was a complete whole heap of drama which went down the other day between Kanye and Drake where Kanye asked if could sample its songs which somehow seemed to be quite reasonable request but if they had really riled it up.

He then took too twitted to blurt out a lot of tweets which included the screenshots of conversations between these two and after one saga, that all concluded with Drake and he was actually threatening the old rapper. Snoop has now returned to Instagram so that he could give his opinion for the matter and it seemed to him as if the Drake’s team is all the way. While Drake was playing in the background, he said that if that all was getting tired of Kanye West and those tweets. Snoop said because I am.

He continued to say that he saw why n***a, he and Donald trump had been hanging out. N***a, and they all have tweeted like a motherfucker and he said that he thought n***a needed Dr.phill or Maury. Although all that didn’t end there and Snoop also didn’t stop there either he criticized more and Ye for his use of social media to attack on Drake and he told him that get him a** off his phone and go holla at that n***a in the real life and now stop telling the whole world what you are going though and no one actually gives a fuck.

Well this isn’t the first time when snoop has blasted Kanye and in past there has been times when had done so like he had called out the Jesus walks singer for a lot of reasons from his change of the name to Ye to the complete fiasco which was around the inspiration for character Kiki in the lyrics to the unavoidable hit in Drake’s In My Feelings and that seemed like Snoop has a believe it would be about Ye’s wife Kim Kardashian West.

The aforementioned in my feelings include the line kiki do you love me, are you riding which has been lead to a lot of people who have been wondering exactly who was singing about what back in October and it seemed like Snoop had cracked the case.


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