Snoop Dogg trolling Trump: Smoked joint outside White House

Snoop Dogg trolling Trump: Smoked joint outside White House


Snoop Dogg has certainly done a lot of things in his career, both on stage and off stage, that put him into the spotlight, but this time he has certainly done something which require a big heart. Taking a dig at the current president as you sit just outside White House, smoking a joint, is surely a stunt that only a few have guts to pull off.

He documented the whole event in a series of videos which were posted on his Instagram account. There, you have the rapper saying, “There go the White House right there, huh? All them motherfuckers are Secret Service, huh? Wish I could get out and take a picture right now, but you can’t park, huh.” “Fuck it, let me out, n***a. Let me get a picture. Snoop Dogg. Fuck the President.”

And then he goes out of the car, sitting on a bench, speaking with his fans about a few things. And as he comes to the end, he walks away saying once again, “Fuck the President.”

The move is pretty bold considering the fact that despite smoking Marijuana for recreational purpose is legal in Washington DC, having it in public is pretty much prohibited. But does he look like he is concerned? And it certainly isn’t the first time he has taken on the president on such public level and on an immense scale.

In a video ‘Lavender,’ released in the March of last year, for the remix version of BadBadNotGood, Snoop is shown aiming a gun at a clown who is president’s look alike. There, he pulls a trigger which brings out a red flag with the word ‘bang’ on it.

And as expected, the reaction to the video by Trump wasn’t very pleasing as he come up with a dig back at the rapper saying that he has had a ‘failing career.’

Also, last time, the personal lawyer of Trump came up with a few statements, saying that the act is ‘disgraceful’ and that the rapper ‘owes’ an apology to the president.

Considering the recent stunt he has pulled off, might be a little less aggressive to what he had done previously, fans have seen it equally amusing. They took their response to social media with some calling them the ‘boss’ and others labelling him a ‘legend.’ A few individuals expressed their love for the star while others showed how pleasing the event was for them.


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