Spains new submarine

The submarine was designed initially during the 19th century. They were used primarily during the World war (1914-1918). They are referred to as ”boats” rather than as ”ships”, even though they’re larger than boats.

  1. A bit of negligence can cost you millions of dollars

The program was initially ambiguous in 2013 when experts analyzed that S-80 was 100 tons heavier than it should have been. This made it challenging to resurface the submarine after it had submerged in water as it disturbed its buoyancy. To overcome this fault, experts suggested that the length of 10 meters should be extended to the 71 meters long S-80. They claimed that adding a further 10 meters will improve its buoyancy. This reconstruction also doubled the cost of each submarine, that would be €1bn, equivalent to £900m. The Former Spanish official addressed the Associated Press saying that someone had mistaken the decimal place at the wrong place and further added that ”nobody paid attention to review the calculations”. He blamed the entire matter on a single decimal point. This slight negligence resulted in a loss of €14m.

  1. Spanish newspaper El País report

The company collaborated with the American sub maker to reconstruct the submarine, adding 16 different extensions in the hull. Now they renamed it from S-80 to S-80 Plus, the reason being very obvious. Now when the submarine ( S-80 Plus) was 10 meters greater in length and 1,200 tons greater in weight, it was observed that the vessel could not fit the Navy’s base situated in Cartagena. The docks at Cartagena are hardly 256 feet long while the S-80 Plus exceeds the stated measurement. To compensate the fault made, now the base at the Cartagena has to be rebuilt so that the S-80 Plus submarine can fit their pens. This act is said to cost the authorities more than $18 million.

Spain’s Defence Minister Margarita Robles, who recently took up the post in June 2018, talking at Spanish radio, agreed to the circumstance saying “there have been deficiencies in the project”. Further giving hope she adds  that “they are already corrected and that the project is absolutely viable”. So the first problem that occurred during this project was that it was too expensive, the second that the submarines couldn’t resurface itself and the last that it couldn’t fit the docks.


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