Shocking moment bull gores man with its horns and throws him into the air as he stands in a doorway to watch traditional Spanish festival where the huge animals run through city streets

Source: DailyMail

In Estella, during a Spanish festival, an spectator was thrown up into the air by a bull. The victim was then noticed bleeding from his legs while he ran for his safety. After roaming around the streets, the bull made its way back to the bullring. It was a shocking moment for everyone the way that bull gored the man during the conventional Spanish festival. The whole scene was recorded by the other spectators. In the city of Estella, this event takes place in which the running of the bulls is observed in the northern Spanish area of Navarra.

The videos made by the witnesses demonstrate how a bull ran up to a narrow street, and targets a man standing at the doorway, who then gets brutally gored by the bull. The bull does not wait or stand still around him, rather the dangerous creature immediately bumps its horns into the man and throw him up into the air before he falls back onto the ground. The animal kept on ramming its horns into the man until the other spectators pulled it away from the man using its tail. During this, the man desperately kicks the animal trying to defend himself.

After the bull is pulled away from the victim, he does not lie there or sit in pain, rather he stood immediately and ran away to secure himself. The local media was informed by the police sources that the injured one was sent for the treatment at the local hospital. One of the videos made of the incident show that the man is holding a tablet while it’s restricted during the festival of bull runs. It is reported by the local media that all kinds of electronic media are banned during the festival for the safety purposes.

The bull who gored the man brutally on the street made its way back to the bullring after roaming and running around the streets. Another such news came up about a man that was hit by the bull, not on the street, but at the bullring. He was also sent to the hospital for the treatment. However, the conditions of both of the hospitalized men is not recognized. Many of such incidents have been occurring during the events that comprises the running of bulls and the people watching them. But every time the incident happens, it amazes the people present at that moment.

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