Spinal implant helps people to walk

Spinal implant really worked

There were three of the total paralyzed men who were told that they wouldn’t be able to walk again in their lives and they would spend the rest of their lives by simply being in wheelchairs. Well that statement didn’t prove to be right as they were finally cured by the treatment they got from the doctors in Switzerland.  The treatment which was given to them involved a device that was fixed to their spines in order to boost the signals which passes from the brain to the legs. This treatment also helped in curing and growing the nerves which were damaged in the spinal cord. According to the researches which have been made till now regarding this issue, it has been shown that this treatment is going to become a bonus for the paralysed people so that they could start living their lives independently. BBC news has made research in this aspect and they had got special access to the patients who were getting treated in the clinic.

Paralysis Treatment

The first patient who got treated from this paralysis was Swiss man David M’zee who was age of 30 had been suffering from a serious spinal cord injury when had an accident about seven years ago. David when went to the doctor to seek treatment, the doctor told him that is never going to walk again. However, there is a special thanks to the team at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne who had developed an electrical implant due to which David managed to walk almost more than half a mile continuously. David when was asked about this, he told that this treatment really meant a lot of him and he was surprised that how this really worked and what could have he done if he was not able to walk. He said that this is something impossible turned into possible and he really felt good. When all the procedures of the rehab got failed, he then somehow agreed to be a part of the trial which was conducted by Dr. Gregoire Courtine. Dr. courtine recalled the determination of David that how he wanted to succeed in the trial. He said that he came to the trial with his daughter and David talked to her by looking her in eyes saying that David would walk before her. He said that her daughter started walking when she was about 14 months old and at that time David was walking besides the Geneva Lake.




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