Stage 4 Cancer patient without hair rejected for the benefits

The story covers the cancer patient at the stage four who has been rejected for the benefits of getting independent payment for her cancer treatment. This happened to the patient named Paige Garratt who is only 22 years old and is suffering from stage four cancer. She is being treated by chemotherapy due to which her hair has fallen. When it was time to get some payment help or have some benefits regarding the treatment the benefit assessor rejected the patient by giving her benefits saying that she is not sick enough.

The benefit assessor came to see her when the patient was having one of her last chemotherapy sessions. The benefit assessor said that she is not sick by adding more statements like she can handle herself, she is physically and mentally well enough to do that. The benefit assessor did not even ask her about the pain Paige is going through, she just rejected her by looking at her. Paige felt saddened about the fact that she was judged due to her illness that she is for the fault that she is going through this much pain and she is going for a fraud.

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is used to give benefits to the patients suffering from extreme diseases which highly expensive for their treatments. So the social workers told to Paige to apply for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), if she is having issues with her payments as treating cancer is very expensive.

Paige told that she was asked very generic questions that can she prepare food or not, can she do her chores of her house or not? She said, she could not at the start because of the immense pain but still she told yes that she is able to take care of her home. The main problem is the financial matter because she cannot afford the expensive treatments. She is feeling less pain because of the treatment but she cannot leave her treatment aside, the pain of the stage four cancer is really severe.

So, with all the appealing for her Personal Independence Payment (PIP) got accepted in May with the help of her social worker. Paige said, she felt really bad and dehumanizing that she was told that she is not sick enough. The pain is was going through due to which I could not even lift my head up straight.

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