Stage 4 Lung Cancer Patient Races at Ironman Championship

Woman with Stage 4 Lung Cancer to Race at Ironman Championship: I’ll ‘Give it everything I Can’

Isabella de la Houssaye who is the mother of five children had never smoked in her life and she also never drank ever and she spent most of her time in the training of Ironmans and marathons. She had always been smart, active, fast and he had spent almost half of her life in marathons and he stopped just a month before she had diagnosed with lungs cancer. She was of age 54 when she got diagnosed with this life threatening disease. Before this diagnosis, she thought this pain to be a serious running injury and not the cancer.

She said that she got the symptoms of the cancer in last fall and then everyone thought these symptoms to be a sport injury and same she was thinking as she was overusing and overdoing it, this all happened because of the delay in diagnosis. She said that she had always been so fast and active and she felt it to be a good as well as a bad thing for her.

She said if she was informed before or she was told before that the lungs cancer might get migrated from the lungs to the spine and then it can move forward to the spine, then she would have turned this severe pain into level 10 but the point here is that she had no clear idea about it. Isabella de la Houssaye is from New Jersey, Lawrenceville and she kept on going and even she competed in an Ironman and that competition involved 112 miles bike ride, swimming for 2.1 miles and running for a total of 26.2 miles.

She had been a part of this competition just a month ago she had her diagnosis. She said that at the time of the diagnosis, she had reached at the level 4 of her lungs cancer and had about 7 centimeters of a tumor. She said that her entire sacrum was cancer; she also had total six tumors in her brain, in her sternum. She also had them pelvis. She said that it was a great wake up call. In February, she got her treatment started and this is how she managed to get one of the largest of her tumors shrink in her brain. Not only this, her pelvis was also healed to an extent. She said that she had also worked with a therapist due to which her bones were rebuilt and strengthened.


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