Jussie Smollet

The sources have been connected to the production which tells us that Jussie and the main empire cast members would be having the armed security which will lead forward while they will continue to shoot in Chicago. Lee Daniels have been posted that in a brief perspective but then he deleted it by grabbing a screen from facetime where he had been with Jussie while he was in hospital. Lee Daniels being the creator Empire had expressed his outrage and the horror over that attack.  At 11:18 AM, they had been told by cops who recently had visited the target department of the store which was closer to the space where the incident had happened and had got the surveillance footage. The sources say that the video contained one person and that presumably was Jussie and she had been walking down the street. The officers had also visited the nearby apartment so that they could have asked them for the video.

According to the law enforcement agencies, FBI had been investing that already for the letter which was sent to Jussie in last week which contained homophobic slurs and racist. At 11:10 AM, there was a statement issues which stated that they were really saddened so deeply and had been outraged to learn that there was a member out of the EMPIRE family, Jussie Smollet who had been viciously attacked the last night. They sent their love to Jussie who is stronger and resilient and they will work with the law enforcement so that they could have brought those perpetrators to the justice. The whole network, studio and the production had stood united on the face of those despicable acts for hate and violence and especially they were against some of their own.  At about 10:30 AM, an emergency meeting was held by the Empire staff on Tuesday morning so that they could describe it to everyone that what has happened to Jussie. They have been told that the crew and the cast had been extremely upset. A lot of actors also have already been in the trailers.



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