state department says its clearly false

A hearing was exchange at Friday in Washington DC where a federal judge was unabashedly accused the officials of career state department officials of lying and signing on the false affidavits to disrupt a lawsuit series who were in a process to seek information regarding the former state Hillary Clinton’s secretary and about handling of the terrorist attacks on the US which was made in the 2012. According to the reviews which were made by the court transcript Royce Lamberth who is the district court judge of the U.S also said that he was dumbfounded and shocked when he came to know that he is granted with the immunity to former Clinton chief of the staff of Cheryl mills during the investigation which was last done for the use of the Clinton’s server.

During the hearing Lamberth said that he had found himself that Cheryl Mills had also committed the perjury and he also lied under the oath in an opinion which was last published and it issued in a judicial watch case where he found her to be unworthy of the belief and he said that he was quite shocked to know how she had been given with this immunity by the email case of Justice department of the Hillary Clinton. It was also noted by Michael Horowitz who is the justice department’s general inspector in the bombshell report which was published in June stating that it is inconsistent but a typical investigation strategy from the side of FBI which allowed Mills so that he could sit in the agency interview of Clinton during this email probe which given the classified detailed information and it travelled through the personal email account of Mill.

The IG wrote that there is some seriously potential ramification when an interview of one witness is conducted by the other. Lamberth was actually appointed to perform the duties of a bench by Ronald Reagan who is the president. He also said that he had no idea how the Mills gave him the immunity until the IG reports have been read by him and he knew that she also accompanied Clinton for her interview. Lamberth gave a statement in which he said that when he came to know that Cheryl Mills had been granted with the immunity, he was actually dumbfounded then.



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