Stay away from the influence of anti-vaccine myths spreading over social media

One of the best doctors in England has stated that the individuals who believe in the anti-vaccine myths being spread over the social media platforms are totally wrong.

Professor Dame Sally Davies stated that the MMR vaccine which was given to children has been used on global level and there are millions of children who receive it. However, currently, the uptake wasn’t good enough.

According to the stats, 87% of children in England receive two doses of this vaccine as compared to the target which is 95%.

The chief medical officer has asked parents not to pay any attention to such posts and ignore the fake news which is being spread using social accounts.

She made the comments on the 30th anniversary of introduction of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, MMR.

She said that the myths are proving to be dangerous because due to the spread of these posts people aren’t responding to the calls for vaccination very well. They are not taking their children to vaccination centers and receiving MMR.

“A number of people, stars, believe these myths – they are wrong,” she said.

“Over these 30 years, we have vaccinated millions of children.

“It is a safe vaccination – we know that – and we’ve saved millions of lives across the world.”

“People who spread these myths, when children die they will not be there to pick up the pieces or the blame.”

The MMR medicine has helped a lot in preventing the diseases it is said to overcome. These include measles, mumps, and rubella. According to the stats, it saved UK from 4000 deaths which were likely to be as a result of measles, helping the country in being declared as measles free land by World Health Organization, WHO, previous year.

This do suggest that the case isn’t native to UK any longer, however, there are certain cases that do occur.

But considering the posts spread through social media, the tally of cases has increased drastically this year with 903 cases of measles reported in England till now. Young people who missed their MMR vaccine were mostly affected with the issue.

Therefore, it has been advised that people should not take such things very seriously and they must take their children for MMR vaccination. This helps in protection from measles, mumps, and rubella and you will certainly benefit from it.


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