Sully the service dog

This is now the last time George H.W Bush was been saw. A service dog who had been working with the late former president George H.W. Bush and he would now be traveling with the casket of Bush on his flight towards Washington DC.

The spokesman of Bush, Jim McGrath had also posted a picture of Sully who was next to the casket of Bush this Sunday and the caption on the picture was “mission complete”. Sully is actually named after former pilots who was Chesley B. sully III who was so famous for landing a passenger jet that was severely damaged on the Hudson River by saving the whole crew of the jet and total 155 passengers.

That incident was happened in the year 2009. Sully is a highly trained service dog who would now go back to the service so that he could help other veterans and he is now going to the Walter reed national military medical center. The former president George Bush had posted about it on Instagram by stating that his family would surely be going to miss that dog and he said that he was satisfied that the dog is going to have the same level of joy in his new home which is walter reed which he brought to 41.

Sully is expert in performing a two page command list which involves fetching the items and answering the phone calls at the top.



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