Texas judge said Obamacare is unconstitutional

The affordable care act which is also known as the obamacare has been struck down by a Texas judge on Friday which is a move that could immediately disrupt the health insurance status of the millions of Americans there. The decision now comes as an amid a six-week open enrollment period for that program. Texas along with its 19 states has argued to the district judge reed O connor that they had been getting hurt by the jump in amount of the people who had been utilizing the state-backed insurance.

When the tax penalty was cut down by the congress in a program in the year 2017, the states made a claim that it is importantly undercutting the reasoning of the Supreme Court for finding out the legislation constitution of Barack Obama in the year 2012. Well, the ACA’s reminder is really non severable from the perspective of the individual mandate which means that the act would be invalidated in whole.

This was written in a 55page opinion by O’ Connor and he is a conservative republican appointee who recently has blocked the other policies of Obama era. President Trump has also tweeted about this ruling stating that as he has predicted all along, Obamacare has been struck down as an unconstitutional disaster and now the Congress must have to pass a strong law which provides great protects and the healthcares for the pre-existing conditions and mitch and nancy would get it done.  The president also did another tweet in which he wrote that this would be great news for America. The other states and California ruled against by the judge would likely be going to challenge the decision with an appeal in the US court of Appeals for in the fifth circuit.

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