The best budget for NASA in 2019

This has been a lot of months since the political turmoil has been released and there has been a lot of stop sending gas bills which has also leaded to the unprecentended shutdown of the government which has shattered the space program of US for about 35 days and this has been the base for the 2019s budget of the NASA. NASA did a great job at the end.

The amount of about $21.5 has been provided by the Congress to NASA for the 2019s fiscal year and this is the amount having the increase of 3.5 percent from the last year and what has been proposed by the white house was 8 percent lesser than this amount. The additional funds in this way had been spreading by the agency which is basically in the favor of aeronautics, science and the human exploration program continuing to be adjusted for the inflation, this is considered to be one of the best budgets of NASA and the last best was made in 1996. Once again the earth’s division of NASA has escaped the cuts which are having a slight increase for the funding record about $1.931 billion.

There are new budgetary heights of $2.8 billion by the planetary science division and this will be directing the important resources towards the Clipper mission of the Europe and still the sum of $195 million is needed to be approved.  Despite of having such a legislative tongue lashing on the runs by the space telescope, the approval has been given to NASA for increasing the cost cap of the mission for about $800 in an addition to the funds needed to be continued. WFIST which is the follow on mission of the JWST has been rescued from getting cancelled and it has also received a funding commitment of $312 for the year 2019 that is strong enough. In the president’s request, the education division of NASA has actually been zeroed out instead of getting a boost to about $110 million and this will be a name change to the STEM engagement.


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