The first Disneyland trip of Lauren Conrad’s Son

Lauren Conrad took her 15 months old son Liam James on a fantastic trip to Disneyland on last Friday. This is the first trip of him and the parents are both equally excited as their son has just started walking. Hills alum who is of age 32 and her husband of age 38 both documented the big day of their child on Instagram by being at the happiest place of the earth when they took their child on his first trip to the most popular theme park. Among all the amazing sites in that beautiful small world, there were iconic water rides that had audio-animatronic children who were awesomely dressed in cultural grabs and were there from the world united in song.  Their son seemed to enjoy at that place while he was sitting on her father’s lap and pointing towards an attraction.

This was the big day for both the parents and they dressed themselves as the iconic characters wearing the costumes of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Conrad wrote her Instagram stories which labeled photo of both of them wearing the photo in which Liam’s Peter Pan was exploring his MOM’s look as an iconic character.

In August, Conrad opened up publically about the milestones with which his son has been hitting with and he celebrated his birthday on 5th July. She said that he started walking for just about 1 and a half months ago and now he walks and get in to everything and around everything. The designer LC Lauren said that now his son is running and his running is scary because he runs like a drunken man and is constantly falling while running and every time you are just scared if he gets hurt.

The reboot of her MTV spin off which has just recently been announced about the really show in which Conrad was also a start in its predecessor, the mother wouldn’t be now appearing in The Hills show. Earlier this week, People of Conrad had been informed by an insider that she won’t continue as now she is in a different place in her life and she is satisfied there. According to the source, update is also added about the show which is going to be premiered in the year 2019 and she wants everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. She wishes everyone luck.


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