The girl who drew eyes of the world to famine is dead

Moving around in our busy lives, eating food and throwing away the leftovers in garbage cans, how many of us realize that there are people who are starving? Who don’t even get to eat for days? There are countries struck with famine? Well, many of us were forced to give a second though to it because of the photo of Amal Hussain, a 7 year old girl from Yemen, lying silently on a bed in a hospital in northern Yemen. It just summed up the period her country, torn by war and attacks, is going through.

The portrait of the starving girl was published in New York Times and it seriously asked for a heart from anyone who was willing to see the photo. One of the pictures that certainly would grieve you only if it is not enough to draw tears in your eyes, many people expressed their heartbreak and offered help to the family of the little girl. Writing to the papers and family, they were keen in knowing whether she was getting better with the time or now.

However, the bad news came on Thursday when Amal’s family stated that the girl had died. She passed away at a refugee camp which is about 4 miles away from the hospital.

But there are a lot of questions left around by that one picture. How many of us pay attention to the amount of food we just dispose off? How many people look forward to buying food for the individuals and kids that are lying down on the streets with empty bellies? The starvation is a global problem with several countries and areas still struck by famine and governments facing the issue of providing enough for their people to eat. War just takes the devastation to a whole new level.


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