A document has been obtained by the NBC News which shows that extra 500 police officers are sent to the border with Guatemala of Mexico by Mexican government for the anticipation of the arrival. On Wednesday, the Honduran migrants walk towards the US Guatemala. On Oct 13 a migrant caravan was also set on towards US from the violence plagued country and then it further headed towards the north side through Mexico and Guatemala towards the border of US.

In Washington, migrant’s caravan fleeing the Honduras has reached to 4000 and additional 500 federal police officers are sent by the government towards the border with Guatemala in hope of the arrival of their rivals. The caravan that is supposed to arrive is split in two main groups is reaching the Mexican border crossing from the US Mexico border. Approximately above than 41,400 undocumented immigrants were apprehended by the patrol agents at US border in September and in August this number was 37,544.

On Wednesday, the Washington report also posted about the number of children and families who are traveling on their own basis according to the record levels based on September.

As the consequence of a surge that is the release of hundreds of immigrants by the Custom Enforcement agents and the U.S immigrants, the churches and shelters present near the border have been flooded. The documents and the news also reported that the majority of that migrant’s caravan is the children out of which some are alone and some are with their parents. This large number of children in the migration is due to the support and the special rights which the US provides to children. But this arrival has created tension in the Trump’s administration and this why there is a pledge to decrease the illegal immigration in the US. After President Donald Trump has reversed his zero Tolerance policy in June, he last week said that he would like to separate the migrant families when they reach the border again.  The caravan is continuously being tracked by the Border Protecting and US customs team as they are making way towards the US border. The state is also trying that it could stave off this possibility by forcing the Mexican government to stop them at the Guatemala border. On Wednesday, the immigrants got into the tucks in Zacapa. On Friday, the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo is also expected to travel to Mexico to have a meeting with his counterparts.


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