If you are being offered with super food that would let you live longer and will increase your life span, what would be your response? Would you eat it? This food really reduces the chances of heart-attacks, strokes and also prevents a person from the type-2 diabetes which keeps the blood pressure to its normal limit and held the cholesterol level low to an extent. This food is cheap and is widely available in the super markets for you and that food is fibre which is really not the sexiest thing in this world neither it is liked by most of the people but according to a major study which has been conducted to know the amount of fibre that is needed to be consumed by a human, this study has revealed a lot of added benefits for the humans in terms of their health and long life.

According to one of the researchers, Professor John Cummings, there are evidences which are completely overwhelming regarding this game changer and people now really should try doing something about it. It is known by almost everyone that fibre is good in stopping constipation but the other added health benefits of it are still unknown by most of the people.  The researchers who have conducted this study argue that a human must have to intake 25g of fibres per day that is an adequate amount which is needed for them to improve their health situations, they can either take more.  If we have a look on one banana that is of 120g in normal but that doesn’t contain any pure amounts of fibre, and if we strip about everything, we are left with 3g of fibre in it as a whole.  Most of the people around the world consume less than 20g of fibre per day and in UK less than 10 adults take 30g of fibre per day while if women are taken on an average, they take 17g while men take 30g of fibre per day. You can get that fibre from fruits, vegetables, breakfast cereals, pasta and bread and the things like pulses and nuts.


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