This is really simple that there is no need for anyone to call the moon as a super blood wolf moon which would let the people stay awake for the whole night and it is marveled as the moon to get swallowed by the Earth’s shadow and you must have got an idea related to something like eclipse which has become so popular with the name everyone is giving it the super blood wolf moon which the astronomers know about and they know the exact number of the modifiers that are edgy and those which would be having severe impacts over how the comic clockwork would be displayed in a way that is great and cool.

Well one thing is sure that this isn’t something like a total lunar eclipse normally is because then the moon normally moseys in a position that lies between the Earth and the Sun and earth at that time in a position to be sliding slowly between the moon and the sun that is during a complete lunar eclipse which usually happens.  And in the eclipse when moon, earth and the sun forms their positions, the earth at that time blocks the sun and there are just the silvers of the light which makes through the atmosphere of the planet and then that is more towards the moon.

Jackie Faherty is an astrophysicist at the American museum of the natural history, he said that if anyone were standing on the surface of the moon at the time when that eclipse had been taking place, he would be at the position back to earth and he would be able to see the beautiful reddish orange tinted ring there. The ring that is basically of light which is made when the sun rises and sets and the lights which are directed on earth at the specific moment in the time and this is the light which makes the moon to appear in red color that basically are for the people who are on earth seeing it. Unfortunately the people from North and South America would be able to see this eclipse in night. 

A weather forecast have also been conducted which suggests that the clouds would be covering the area that would fall slightly in the time nearest to the frame of that eclipse and the winter storms and the clouds could mainly be the reason for which most of the people in US wouldn’t see the eclipse.



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