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The MAGA Hat–Wearing Teens Who Taunted A Native American Elder Could Be Expelled

The student’s actions have been rebuked by the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High.  A Kentucky Catholic school may need to take some of the disciplinary action which would actually be against their students after a group of the MAGA hat wearing teenage boys have taunted a Native American who is elder at the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, DC and this all happened on Friday.

There are several viral videos which show the young men and there were nearly all of whom are white and wearing pro Trump gear that have been chanting at and mocking the man on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Out of all, one of the teens could also easily be seen standing face-to-face with the elder and smirking and saying nothing but while the man sings and beats a drum.

The indigenous protester was actually identified by Indian Country Today as Nathan Phillips and he was actually a member of the Omaha Nation and a Vietnam War veteran.

Native American

 He had reportedly hosted a ceremony at each year which in real was conducted for honoring the Native American veterans at Arlington National Cemetery and is also the keeper of a sacred pipe. Kaya Taitano who is a 26-year-old student from Guam, told the reporters that she had filmed the videos of Phillips and she said them in a phone interview that they can tell he has power in his being. 

Phillips told the reporters this Saturday that he had been singing as an American Indian Movement song which actually serves as a ceremony to send the spirits to home when he had noticed that tensions started to escalate the basic point. Phillips told the paper by saying that It was getting ugly, and he was thinking,  he has got to find himself an exit out of that situation and finish his song at the Lincoln Memorial, he continued to drum and sing. He said the reporters that he felt like the spirit was actually talking through him but that was something far from reality.


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