The Rock

The wrestler turned the international movie star Dwayne The Rock Johnson body has been slammed as a british tabloid this Friday where her was called to be fabricated for posting his interview which featured him bashing the snowflakes. Johnson took that to Instagram this Friday evening where things were said to be settled on the straight records which is over a story published soon this year in a day by the Daily star. In the interview which has been held, he was called as a lamenting the rise of the snowflake culture and criticized the millennial needs to search for the offended reasons.

Johnson posted a video to his social media page in which he said that Earlier than that, there was an online interview done with him that apparently was conducted with him where he and the millennials had been insulting and criticizing.  He said that the interview actually hadn’t taken place and in reality it has never happened and there were no words which could be used in an interview so everything is fake and untrue like completely fabricated.  Several media outlets have picked that story in which the star was called to be having derided the millennuials for doing disservice to the war hoes and this they had been doing by complaining constantly.  The daily star didn’t immediately respond to the request of the reporters so that he could comment for the initial report of the denunciation. After an hour later of this social media blast, the website was still there carrying the actual story.


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