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Hundreds of thirsty cows surrounded the water truck as draught hit Australia

The slight increase in degrees in our country have forced us to swelter. At the same time you should not forget what Australia is going through these days. The intense drought have struck the country. This is having a severe effect on the farming industry which is falling due to shortage of water at the moment. A footage that shows a farmer trying to provide water to his thirsty cows that gathered around the truck impatiently have been on the internet lately.

You might know that the UK summers take place at the time when Australia is experiencing winters. But this can not be felt at the moment due to the draught conditions faced by the country.

The video circulating the internet has been captured by a drone that was flying above the Burrabogie Livestock and Contracting’s flock of cattle. It shows that the water truck is supplying water to the dehydrated cows.

It has been weeks that some parts of Australia has not experienced rain. Draught is never good for the farming industry. This is a reason why the farmers in rural New South Wales and Queensland are facing financial crisis.

“Farmers are getting out left, right and centre. It’s gotten to the point where it’s cheaper to shoot your cows than it is to feed them,” Jason Maloney, a dairy farmer, told the BBC.

“No-one likes doing that. You’ve bred them from birth – they’ve been part of your life. But it gets to a point of no return.”

It has been announced by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology that this summer in Australia has been the second hottest ever experienced and the autumn this time was the driest and hottest ever experienced in Australia.

Thirsty cows surrounded the water truck

117 years ago since the Australia’s independence took place, the state of South Australia has been the driest. On the other hand, New South Wales is the part reported that the year 2017 was the hottest year ever.

From Wednesday, the whole state of New South Wales has been experiencing drought conditions. The severe sufferers include the farmers. The farmers are forced to hand-feed their cattle with hay because the grass meant for grazing has been vanished due to the severe drought. The farmers have been permitted to shoot any Kangaroo that tries to graze on the land that is meant for the cows and cattle.

“Many farmers are taking livestock off their paddocks, only to then see kangaroos move in and take whatever is left, repoted Niall Blair, Primary Industries Minister in the Australian government.

“If we don’t manage this situation, we will start to see tens of thousands of kangaroos starving and suffering, ultimately leading to a major animal welfare crisis.”


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