Sterling K. Brown gave insight to This Is Us, Randall wonders if he's 'black enough'

For the first time in 6 months, the Pearsons were back in action previous week. They were seen on the premiere of This Is Us as it was finally aired. The viewers were given an insight to the season with the sneak peek to what happens when Jack and Rebecca goes to their first date, played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore. However, the beloved dead dad was not to be seen anywhere.

The Emmy winning Ron Cephas Jones, William, is yet to do something big and have more screen time which is probably given to him on the episode aired this week. A Philadelphia Story will be there to put some light on the biological father of Randall, while on the other side of the story William is in an era which he is yet to explore, just a few years prior to Randall who was adopted by Pearsons, shows up at his door.

William set an aim last season which was together with his wife Beth, connecting William to a baby, which has been hinted towards in a tweet by Dan Fogelman. “There’s a healthy heap of Ron Cephas Jones, which always makes me happy,” says Brown of the episode. “And there’s a connection with the building, and you see his relationship to the building being a tenant in it, and then Randall’s relationship to the building being the landlord, and the echoes between how each of them fits into the building.”

Referring to the emotional side of the story, Brown stated that ‘searching’ is a thing that will give Randall the idea of identity. Specially, talking about the blackness, and being in Philly, considering if he is black enough or not, Randall wonders about his true identity.

Kevin, played by Justin Hartley, also has his boots ready for the premiere and the sister of Randall, Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, along with her husband Toby, played by Chris Sullivan, are looking towards a solution that will end their infertility which struck them due to a tragic miscarriage in previous season. Toby has taken the decision to talk to a fertility doctor, hoping that they will find a solution to their problems. Considering his reputation in the season and the things that went down in season 2 finale, it is likely that some troubles are around the corner.


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