Swedes start adopting Microchips Insertion under the skin

Trend of Inserting Microchips under the hand’s skin

Technology is now continuing to come closer to human bodies from our phone to the latest smart watches. Not only this, technology is now getting under their skin.  Sweden is a rich country that has got technological advancements and there are a lot of people there who are now inserting microchips under the skin on their hands. The chips are basically designed to enter the human body in order to speed up their life routines and to make their lives even easier and convenient by which they can access their offices, gyms and homes and swiping could become easier by using their hands with digital readers. These chips could also be used to store emergency contact details and also the social media profiles and rail journey e-tickets or the event tickets with Sweden.

The tiny chips are supposed to be safe and protected from hacking but there is now one scientist who is raising concerns regarding the privacy of these chips and about the health concerns too regarding the data stored on the chips. These technological chips are about the size of a rice grain and they are inserted in the skin above the person’s thumb by using a syringe or an instrument which is used by giving vaccinations.

The whole procedure costs approximately $180. There are a lot of Swedes who are waiting to get these chips inserted into their bodies and the company says that it can’t fulfill all those requests. About 4000 Swedes are there who have adopted the technology with one company naming Biohax International which is currently at the dominating position in the market. This chipping firm was established just 5 years back from now and he is actually a professional body piercer. He has spent the past two years in the working on his project and now he is developing the training materials to hire Swedish nurses and the doctors to help some of the heavy workload. He says that it doesn’t make whole sense to have different tokens and cards for the verification of your identity for a lot of systems.

He said that using a technological chip means that you have hyper connection with the surroundings where you can live in your routine. A web developed and designer naming Erik Frisk said that he was really curious and exited about this technology when he heard about it and he decided to own the chip in the year 2016. He said that this is completely passive and there is no anything like energy source so when anyone uses this chip against a reader, an ID is sent back from the chip which informs the reader about the chip’s location.

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