White Chocolate Toblerone

It has been a tough time for the Toblerone lovers as Mondelez International (which is the company that deals with the production of Toblerone), decided to reduce the wight of the 400g chocolate to a 360g and the 170g one to a 150g Toblerone. They did this by enlarging the spaces between the chocolate bricks. This was done as a result of the high ingredient prices of the Toblerone chocolate. This was one of the reasons why even Toblerone lovers started questioning the brand of this act. Take whatever you want from us but please do not try to abstain us from our chocolate rights.

The Toblerone company soon considered the objection of its Toblerone lovers and started producing the same chocolate with the same size and weight. A bonus that added the deal was increasing the 150 gram bar to a 200 gram one. This shows how Toblerone does not want to disappoint its lovers. And how they will always reconsider their decisions when it comes to the happiness of its buyers.

But this is not it, Mondelez International thought that only increasing the 150 gram bar to a 200 gram one was not enough but they needed to offer something great for their fans as a penalty, and that is exactly what they did. Toblerone introduced their new, never seen in the market before product. Yes your guess is right, their own ice cream!

As soon as the news spread from one social media platform to the other, Toblerone lovers could not control their excitement and could not wait to indulge in the Toblerone ice cream flavours.

The ice cream has yet landed in the UK supermarket shelves but soon will be available in some other parts of the world. Soon the ice cream version of the Toblerone white chocolate was seen in France and people could not believe their eyes and secondly their taste buds. People in the other parts of the world can not wait to try the white chocolate version of it, as the one available in the UK is the milk chocolate one.

The ice cream is basically coated with the Toblerone milk chocolate, honey and almond pieces. The crispy, crunchy upper layer and the silky, smooth ice cream underneath it is no less than a Toblerone experience, maybe a better one I would say.

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