National Red Hair Day

How to Celebrate Red Hair National Day

So, this is the national day for the red hair. This is an excuse for the celebration and for setting off the fireworks tonight. This is the day for you to have celebration because today is the National Love Your Red Hair Day. It had been a long time and after so many years of wait and piss taking this is now finally the day for the dedication to those who are regarded as the firecrackers of the society because of their redheads. Red hairs are becoming popular and this trend is having a huge increase. Special thanks are to Isla Fisher, Emma Stone, Lauren Ambrose, Rupert Grint, Prince Harry and Ed Sheran because they are ginger celebrities and they somehow are the reason behind the popularity of the red hair.





National Red Hair Day
National Red Hair Day

We should be happy about what and who we are and we should love ourselves and celebrate this love for ourselves. This ginger day was celebrated after a kick by the cofounders of the website naming How to be a Redhead. This National Love Your Red Hair day was first launched in August 2015 and now this year is celebrated on the 5th November every year. Well, this is completely intentional that this day is coincided with the fireworks that is also known red heads because they are notorious for the fiery nature they have got and this just because they are being loved.

Who Introduced National Red Hair Day

The co-founders of this day, both the sisters stated that they wanted to create a day on the national level for the empowered redheads so that they could have another reason to love their hair. They stated that another reason behind the establishment of this day is that they want the women at the global level to get reminded whether they have redheads or not, they are beautiful and they need to love their unique qualities. They stated that there are a lot of days which are celebrated at the national level but this day is especially of keen importance and it deserves to be at the right place in calendar as it reminds the people to love their unique qualities and to celebrate the day on the individual level. It has been statistically proved that people who have got red hair are actually pretty because less than 2 percent of the total population of the world are those with red hair and this really makes a proud for them to be the ginger heads and another thing is that this is among the rarest colors in the world and also beautiful.


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