Top Billionaires

According to the statistics that have recently been obtained, there is a growth of $2.5 billion in their accounts and this amount is added on the daily basis where the poorest population is regarded to be the half out of all that is on the global level.

The billionaires who have now the records of 2,208 that is the wealth which they have never had before and according to the statistics which have been disclosed according to an International report which have been published on last Monday and since that time, there had been the financial crises which were there and they have occurred a decade ago from now, the billionaires have now doubled the level of wealth they had in their accounts.

The annual study actually revealed the records regarding the yearly world economic forum which was held in Switzerland in Davos that had brought together some of the wealthier and some of the most influential people who are still on this planet.

The report actually consisted 106 pages that were actually written so that they could highlight the serious issue of the gap which is continuously growing between the rich and the poor.  The list also shows the 26 richest people in the world who have now reached the worth of $1.4 trillion according to the 2018 statistics which is approximately the same amount which 3.8 billion poorest people are having. And out of the people mentioned in the list, most of those are the Americans. The list included some most famous persons and that are Amazon’s Bezos,  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.


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