Gunman kills woman and child in Greektown

Toronto shooting: Gunman kills woman and child in Greektown

According to the police reports, a ten-year-old girl along with an eighteen-year-old woman have been killed by a gunman as he opened the fire on a busy street, this incident happened in one of the biggest city of Canada.

The chief of police Mark Saunders has reported that along with these two victims, thirteen more people of age ten to fifty-nine were injured during the incident in Greek town the district of Toronto.

The suspect was found dead, before that he had an exchange of dun shots with the police. The reason for the shooting is still unknown.

The police have not been able to identify the suspect who belonged to Toronto, and it is also still unknown if the suspect took his own life or was either killed by the police officer gunfire.

This attack took place on Sunday evening,  the Canadian media came up with a video clip in which a white man was seen wearing a dark cap and dark colored clothes and was also seen carrying a bag, it is very clearly pictured in a video that the man was taking out the gun from the bag before shooting.

In a tweet, the prime minister has shown sympathies towards the family of the victims, the mayor of Toronto has also condemned the attack.

Gunman kills woman and child in Greektown

What happened in Toronto?

After 22:00 the emergency service was being called out. The attack took place at piazza that comes with a fountain and is very famous among the locals, and it was very busy at the time of the attack, the Toronto global and mail says.

Many people were reported injured in a café, whereas other victims were hurt in a street.

Some of the individuals among the victims may have received the life-changing injuries says Det Sgt Terry Browne.

The special investigation unit reported about the incident including the police being involved in a death, the gunman was followed by the police to the Bowden Street, and this street is nearby to the café. The exchange of gunshots took place and the man ran away, later he was found dead a hundred meters away.

Andrews was drinking coffee along with his friends when he heard the gunshot and he turned around when he saw the gunman was running towards his friends. He told that the gunman fired at the crowd of people standing across the street.

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