Donald Trump, the US President, has issued a warning stating that if any country trades with Iran, will not be permitted to do any kind of business with the United States. The warning comes as a consent against the state came into appliance at midnight. The news came through Twitter, one of the Trump’s common medium of announcement and communication. Along with this warning, Trump also made a promise that the economic pressure will be ratcheted up by Washington that is exerted on the Islamic Republic in November. He also said that other states or countries found trading with Iran, would not see the United States as their business partner. In this warning, he asked for world peace, according to him.

The sanctions of Tuesday will observe Iran prohibited from using the currency of United States along with being prevented from doing business in metals, cars, and minerals like coal, steel, aluminum, and gold, impacting the ability of Iran to buy European and US aircraft. The US President Donald Trump is predicted to notch up the pressure on Iran in November by preventing the oil exports of Iran, possibly faltering about two million barrels a day, or fifty percent of the production of Iran, as stated by BBC. Allies Russia and China may interfere in order to keep its industry inundated.

In March, the International Monetary Fund said that total official reserves of Iran could decay this year to 97 billion dollars which would invest nearly thirteen months of ingresses. The BMI research analysts say that the economy of Iran could agree by 4.3% in the year 2019. The newly imposed agreement applied overnight, and follow the backing off of Washington from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, called the Iran Nuclear Deal. After the negotiations with Obama, predecessor of Trump, in the year 2015 and help by Russia, China, and European Union, the Iran deal pursued to boost the financial sanctions forced on Tehran as constituent of the agreement to control the nuclear program of the nation.

The President has earlier darned the agreement as slanted favoring Iran and has titled the deal as one of the worst he has ever observed. His stance is in conflict with the one apprehended by the EU, who have held the deal stating that they would defend the organizations doing authentic business in the aspect of US sanctions. The latest comments of Trump are probable to further lift the tautness with the alliance which had observed the assistance of sanctions as a method to keep Iran inside the fold of diplomacy.

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