Travelers at LAX Airport may have been exposed to measles

There is a warning issued by the health officials that there are the chances of measles to exposure to the travelers in Los Angeles at the International Airport there.  It has been confirmed by the Los Angeles department of the public health that there was a case of measles in a person who had traveled through the LAX airport while he was infectious and this is the incident of 21st February, 2019.  According to the statements of the public health department, the infected individual reached China East flight 583 while being at the Bradley International Airport on gate 133 on Thursday.

The statement said that the LAX travelers who at the same time were present there on Thursday would be having more risk to fall a prey to this disease because that traveler had the exposure. According to the health officials, if the passengers would have exposed to this person would separately be informed about this so that they could take precautionary measures.

The details of the case has been received by the public health department officials and they said that as the exposure has came to end as much as it could be possible, there is now no risk to the LAX airport for or related to measles. Other than this, one statement said that as measles is a virus to be spread through respiratory route so the food at airport would have no contamination of it and it can be consumed as per routine.


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