Donald J Trump

How many times have we seen President Trump admitting his mistakes? Well, usually it is about a difference in opinion or just a move by the head of the United States. However, it is this one time when he shocked everyone as he admits the fact that he should have gone to Arlington on the Veterans Day to pay his respects to the ones who died serving their country, which is a traditional presidential act.

Speaking with the Fox News Sunday, he said that “in retrospect, I should have” visited the Arlington National Cemetery, but was a busy on calls and just returned from abroad.

The president faced a lot of criticism for not going to the cemetery in France on Saturday and paying visit to the heros of the nation on Veterans Day that marked 100th anniversary of armistice of 11 November 1918, making an end to the first world war. According to the words from the administration, the helicopter was grounded because of bad weather and the president was unable to fly to the location.

However, the given reason was not taken too politely by the critics as they jumped on to the president again, saying that these were all lame excuses and he should have gone to the cemetery. Some even said that he had not followed the tradition and hurt many individuals across the US.

While talking to the Fox news, the president pulled off another Trump special, saying that he went to Arlington on Veterans Day last year, while the truth is that, despite he visited Arlington cemetery last year, he was in Asia on veterans day in 2017.


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