President Trump speaking to journalists about supreme court nominees

Trump Announces Supreme Court Nominees

Washington. 9th. July, 2018: The US president Donald Trump has decided to announce the names of the nominees who could be the next supreme court judge. Mr Donald Trump, on his way to New Jersey, spoke to the journalists before his flight towards his private golf club. He told the reporters that he had narrowed down the list of the nominees of Supreme court judge to five candidates and there will be two female candidates among these 5 candidates. He said that he will announce the names of these candidates on 9th of July.

This vacancy arises with the announcement of retirement by Justice Anthony Kennedy a few days back.

This retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy gave Donald Trump a chance to strengthen the majority of the conservative community in the Supreme Court which is considered the Top Court.

The candidates that will be nominated by the US president for being the Supreme Court judge are then confirmed by the Senate and here the Republican Party of Mr President holds a thinner majority.

On Friday, Mr President comments to the reporters that:

  • The claims of election tampering will be discussed by him when he will join Vladimir Putin, the Russian President next month in Helsinki.
  • He said European nations including Germany should spend more money on Nato as the United States is the only country that has been spending on Nato much more than any other nation.
  • He said that the World Trade Organization (WTO) treated the United Nations very badly but he told the reporters that he is not thinking about pulling out.

Trump says, “he likes all the candidates.”

While on his flight back from Washington to New Jersey, he said to the reporters that he will stay silent and he will not talk about the Candidates’ views over the legalisation of abortion in the US through the landmark 1973 decision of Roe and Wade. He will not ask them about their stance on this matter.

But on the other hand, most of the feminist group are alarmed with his prospect that he will provide the Supreme Court with Pro-life judges while he was on his campaign.

The president of America said to the reporter that he had cut the list of candidates to 5 and he liked them all.

The conservatives have the Supreme Court’s balance of power:

The nominated candidates from the Republican president were: John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Anthony Kennedy. While on the other side, the nominated candidates by the Democrat President were Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Justice Kennedy was aged 81 and he is the Supreme Court’s second oldest justice among its nine members.

In US society, the top court plays a vital role. The decisions being made by the supreme court are considered to be the final word most of the times on vastly contentious laws, problems among federal government and states, and for final appeals.

In his final words with the reporters, Mr Trump told them that he would talk to Mr Putin about the issue of the suspected Russian election meddling in Finland, the 16th of this July. He says, “we will talk about the elections and both of us don’t want anybody else to meddling with the elections.”

President Trump speaking to journalists about supreme court nominees

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