Trump breaks with decades of protocol with tweet before release of jobs report

Trump once again shows he could not care less about tradition and protocols by tweeting before the release of jobs report

Washington. 5th. June 2018: Trump bragged about the jobs report in a tweet on Friday. The problem, however, is that by tweeting this 69 minutes prior to the release of the monthly jobs report itself, Trump broke with decades of protocol. It is also considered that Trump violated a federal directive with his tweet.

The tweet itself may consist of 11 words only, but it proves, once again, that Trump does not hesitate to disturb financial markets in order to satisfy his need for a reshaped presidency in which he would only follow his instincts and desires. Both the Democrats and the Republicans had previously established tight controls on the public release of “sensitive material”, but Trump did not take any of this into consideration.

The tweet was posted at 7:21 am, and went like this: “Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning”. Trump was thus suggesting that the results are positive.

It is not a secret that Trump, just like any other past president, was provided with a preview of the report before its official release. But the Reagan administration had, in its 1985 directive, urged the executive branch not to publish or share information on the jobs reports until 60 minutes later that the moment it is officially released.

Following Trump’s tweet, it only took a few seconds for the U.S. dollar and the Treasury to become stronger, as investors had probably read the post and assumed that Trump was right. The Bureau of Labor Statistics later confirmed the correctness of Trump’s post, by declaring that 223,000 jobs were created in May only. At the same time, the unemployment rate had also decreased to 3.8 percent. The extent of jobs increase and unemployment decrease beat all expectations.

We witnessed, during the 16 months of Trump’s presidency, that Trump regularly rejects traditions, which resulted in the practices considered taboo becoming routine incidents. Trump’s critics are nonetheless furious, as they believe he keeps playing with the nation’s most sensitive pieces of information. He does not hesitate to share information during private fundraisers or even publicly. Often, it is information that allows him to shine better in front of his audience. But the thing is, he does not pay attention to who or what he is revealing private information about. Last month, Trump just exposed classified information about military strikes in Syria, news reports say.

Several West Wing aides and advisers to Trump admitted that they avoided sharing things with Trump when they did not want these things to be made public by him, be it intentionally or unintentionally. When during the 2016 campaign, Trump and Clinton were both allowed to receive classified briefings, some officials were skeptical concerning Trump’s ability to keep all information secret.

Trump’s supporters generally appreciate his being careless about privacy, secrecy, traditions and protocols. But the problem when it comes to the jobs report is that there are two risks when you reveal the results too early: first, a premature release can cause market manipulation or inside trading. Second, it discredits the neutrality of the report and makes it look politicized.

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