Trump claims that he is going to end birthright citizenship

President Donald trump had made a dramatic claim that if the legally dubious, he promised that in a new interview he is going to end birthright citizenship which rachet up the hardline immigration within a week to go in the midterm elections which could be critical. Trump had taken a vow that he is going to end the citizenship rights for the unauthorized immigrants and for the non-citizens who born on the US soil. This step which is going to be taken by him is to be regarded as an affront to US constitution that has been amended 150 years before from now including the words that everyone born or naturalized in US who is going to be the subject to jurisdiction for all the citizens of the US. Trump didn’t properly announce that when he is going to sign this order and still there are some past promises of him which need executive and still they have remained unfulfilled but the point here is that whether the president follows this threat or even not, this issue has got the string for actions and a thrust for the immigration matters. Still this announcement of Trump is regarded to be as a threat for the end of birthright citizenship is going to value another escalation in the hardline immigration approach to Trump that has now really became the signature issue of his. Trump had an interview with Axios on HBO in which he said that they are the only country where a person who comes in US has a baby and the baby gets the rights of citizenship in US with which he gets benefited for 85 years almost. There are some more other countries who have this policy of birthright citizenship like that of Canada for the basic purpose of advocacy for reduction in immigration. He said that this policy is ridiculous and it has to get an end now. Already the basic steps have been taken by the president’s defenders in order to end the birthright citizenship. The house speaker Paul Ryan said that it can’t be done as simply as you can’t end the birthright citizenship just by an executive order. He said that this is going to be a long and lengthy process and a lot of lengthy constitutional procedures would be involved to change the 14th amendment which was basically adopted in the year 1868 to protect the citizenship rights especially for freed slaves.




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