Trump Kim summit North Korea leader may get US invite

American president Donald Trump revealed that he may want to invite North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un to the White House if the summit that is about to be held in Singapore on June 12 goes as well as expected.

Washington. 8th. June, 2018: Trump also said that reaching an agreement on the end of the Korean War, although it could happen, was only the “easy part” of the negotiations process. It is actually what follows the end of the Korean War that matters, he explained to reporters.

The objective of the US and its regional allies is to make North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons. However, Trump admitted that such a target, when made, can not just happen overnight, but it rather takes time to achieve.

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, said when speaking at the White House after Trump’s decision to possibly invite Kim Jong-un, that the North Korean leader had himself told him about his plans to denuclearise his country. It is nonetheless difficult, at this stage, to evaluate whether North Korea’s vision (in terms of what denuclearisation implies) is the same as the US.

Mr Trump had previously adopted a policy of pressurizing North Korea to a great extent in order to force it to align its vision with the US goals in the region. Now, the tone is being a lot more friendly, polite, and respectful between the leaders. Whereas the two leaders regularly tweeted what we could define as “public war threats” to each other, Trump now clearly says that there are many alternative sanctions that can be used, instead of war threats.

Should the summit not go well, President Trump said that he was entirely prepared to leave. And should the summit go well, Trump would consider inviting Kim Jong-un to the White House. “I think [Kim] would look at it very favorably so I think that could happen.”, said Trump to reporters. It also seems that Trump does not consider inviting the North Korean leader to his Florida retreat Mar-a-Lago, at this stage.

The US president shared the fact that he is entirely prepared for his meeting with Mr Kim, as it is only a matter of attitude and determination to achieve goals.

On the rumors about US basketball player Dennis Rodman  (who is a friend of Mr. Kim) being present at the summit, Trump replied negatively, saying that the player was not invited.

The Japanese prime minister has met Trump several times, ever since the latter became president. But recently, in order to make sure that Japan’s interests are not forgotten during the US-North Korea summit, Mr Abe has been meeting Trump more regularly. Mr Abe fears that the US and North Korea’s new friendly relations may result in Japan’s interests being overlooked.

Mr Abe admitted that he believed Trump would remain conscious about Japan’s concerns about its citizens abducted by North Korean officials and spies in the 1970s and 1980s in order for North Korea to learn Japanese customs and languages.

Several countries have held summits or are planning to set up a summit with North Korea after it decided to change its policies on nuclear weapons.


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