trump voice calls heard by russians and chinese

The china and Russia listens and learns to Trump’s phone conversations

It has been informed by the American officials that when the President Trump calls his friends from his iphone to have some gossips, gripe and solicit about how he is doing. It has been reported by the American intelligence that the Chinese spies are most of the times listening to those conversations and they are using those conversations in their valuable insights to use the information against administration policy. Aids to Mr. Trump has have been warning him repeatedly that these telephonic conversations are not safe for him to do and also for his administration.

They have also told him that there are Russian spies who are behind him and they are routinely eavesdropping on the calls. But according to the reports of aids, despite of so many warnings and advises to Mr. President to use his white house landline and not his iphones for some days, Trump has still refused to so and he is not in the mood to give up his iphones. There are several former and current officials who have spoken about the conditions regarding the details of Trump’s use of his iphones and that it has been classified by the sensitive intelligence and the security arrangements.

According to the statements of the officials, this was not being done to undermine president Trump but to help in the casual approach of the electronic security. The officials have said that it has now been known by the officials that the Russia and china are eavesdropping on the President’s conversations on the calls he used to make from his cellphones from the human sources who are the part of foreign governments which intercepted the communication between the foreign officials. It has also been determined by the officials that the China is trying to seek the use of learning from the calls that how President Trump thinks and what are his arguments related several topics and to whom he listens. This is how trade war could be kept with the US from further escalation.

The people who are on the list for this are Stephen A. Schwarzmann who is the chief executive and the endower of the Master’s program at Tsinghua University situated in Beijing and the former magnate of Las Vegas Casino who was the owner of a lucrative property at Macau. Due to the tracing of those calls, the Chinese have till now identified the friends and the regulars of the president and they are now up to rely on Chinese businessmen to have deals with Trump’s friends.


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