Trump Putin Meeting Market Business

Donald Trump, the president of U.S, has had a meeting with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Monday.

USA. 15th. July, 2018: They had a discussion about the Middle East, election meddling, and Ukraine. There is also the expectation of an essential testimony from Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell. B. Riley FBR’s chief marketing strategist, Art Hogan is of the view that this week is going to be exciting and there will also be considerable attention to earnings in the market.  He says that Powell is messaging consistently and this consistency is because they want standard rates.

There are a total of 60 S&P 500 companies who are reporting on earnings. These companies also include seven Dow Stocks. The reporting schedule of the companies including Netflix, Johnson & Johnson, IBM and American Express, Microsoft, and Honeywell and GE is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday respectively.

Analysis of the Meeting Between Trump & Putin

The analysts are of the view that there would be the growth in earnings for more than about 20 percent and they also waiting for the companies opinions about the trade policies by Trump and there impacts. The closing rates of the stock in the last week were relatively high. Hogan is of the view that the market is looking for the positive changes. The CIO of BNY Mellon Wealth, Leo Grohowski said that the trade is like a cloud for the market and escalation of trade may lead to something very negative. He says that if this scenario goes on, there would be a decrease in earnings and economic growth, inflation will increase. He also says that we could look for more tariffs to join this trade wars.  Art Cashin said that the meeting of Trump and Putin is not surprising for him. Director at Georgetown University Angela Stent told that it would be more favorable if both of the leaders end that meeting by having an agreement that their representatives would do the further discussion.

Trump Putin Meeting Market Business

Future Predictions About World Market

The best outcome predicted by Angela is that if they both end up their meeting happily and do agree on normalizing the relations. She also said that she wants Syria and Ukraine to be discussed, but Trump would only emphasize on Iran. The U.S will put Iran back after getting withdrawn from the nuclear program. Russia will stay in the deal.  Stent said that this meeting has got more for Putin than for Trump as there was a time when Obama and West had tried to isolate Putin from Ukraine, and now Trump has a seat with him. This proves to be internationally and domestically vital to him.


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